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  • for billing reform & ratepayer's rights on Denton's PUBLIC UTILITIES BOARD (PUB)

  • for numerous local issues regarding TRANSPARENCY, ETHICS, AIR & WATER QUALITY, & BEST PRACTICES in & outside of City Hall

  • for LOCAL CONTROL OVER POLLUTING INDUSTRY and for clean air in Denton; I'm an active member of the Texas Grassroots Network and was the Food&Water Watch 2016 Regional Representative at the CleanEnergy Revolution Summit; I've met twice with the EPA in Dallas to represent Denton air quality concerns


A public volunteer


A public advocate


"I am proud to call Denton my home. In all aspects of my public life, from activism and advocacy to education and volunteering, I've worked hard to give back to this great city and its people. When it comes to advocating for 'the little guy,' I am unafraid to stick my neck out and risk ruffling feathers when necessary to shine light on an overlooked problem to help stop or prevent the city from taking risks with other people's money and quality of life. No matter what I'm doing in my public life here, I'm always thinking of the big picture, of the long term, of social and fiscal responsibility, and of honesty and transparency for the greater public good. That, for me, is what responsible public leadership is all about. That's the only way I know how to serve."


  • for various local efforts to prevent  & address HOMELESSNESS in Denton, from DENTON COUNTY HOMELESS COALITION and beyond

  • for Denton children & teachers, as former PTA DISTRICT REP representing Woodrow Wilson Elementary to DISD, and as a 2017 PTA LEGISLATIVE ADVOCATE meeting with legislators in Austin


  • I've been an ENGLISH LITERATURE PROFESSOR to undergraduates and graduate students at UNT since 2002, when I received my PhD in 18th-Century Literature from Rice University in Houston under a complete academic fellowship. In 2010, I earned tenure and promotion to Associate Professor at UNT.  Due diligence, critical thinking, problem-solving, written & oral communication, and public service & administration are my professional skill set.

  • As a former DIRECTOR OF UNDERGRADUATE STUDIES for one of UNT's biggest majors, I understand the crucial difference between private institutions and public, especially when it comes to finances and budgeting. I consider preserving that difference essential to the functionality and economic health of any public institution.

A public citizen

  • Born in 1973 to American parents on sabbatical in Denmark, and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, I've been A TEXAN SINCE 1995, when I moved to Houston for graduate school. In 1998, I married my grad school sweetheart, Marshall, a native Texan from Bridge City. We fell in love with Denton at first sight in 2002, and bought the house we still live in today in the NOTTINGHAM WOODS NEIGHBORHOOD. In 2004 and 2007, our son and daughter Jonah & Shula were born in Denton Regional. Both attend DENTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS, play in the Wilson and Strickland school ORCHESTRAS, and dance at the DENTON BALLET ACADEMY. We are involved in numerous aspects of Denton life as a family, and believe in giving back to our community.

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