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by MAXIMIZING YOUR HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION, by minimizing unnecessarily costly & time-consuming obstacles to residents and business owners in PERMITTING & CODE ENFORCEMENT, and by SAVING THE CITY MONEY & LIVES THROUGH MEETING THE BASIC SERVICE NEEDS of Dentonites currently experiencing HOMELESSNESS, and the needs of those of us just one emergency away

for better cost of living

for better government &

return on taxpayer investment

by working to LOWER DME RATES & REFORM DME POLICY to make all ratepayers' electric bills competitive with Coserv's, and DME  more accountable to you, its owners

by protecting the public's right to TRANSPARENCY, working towards a more cohesive INFRASTRUCTURE & UTILITIES plan, and ensuring a more resilient economy where city servants take NO RISKS WITH TAXPAYER MONEY

for better quality of life

for everyone, CITYWIDE

I will

CONTINUE worKING tirelesslY for you

on Council 

"I believe in government of the people, by the people, for the people.


I believe that nobody knows neighborhoods better than the people who live and work there.

I believe in being unafraid of the personal risk that comes with standing up for the greater good, for common sense, for fiscal & social responsibility, and for 'the little guy.'

But I believe in taking no risks at all with taxpayer's money and public trust."

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