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"If you know me , you know I'm not a fan of politics, nor do I align fully with either animal. But how often can you see officials beside you helping people in need who honestly aren't even that likely to vote? Well I can say I do keep seeing Deborah Armintor out there, but not for photo ops, rather, to serve. That speaks volumes doesn't it? Look for her on the ballot for Denton city council. "

Layla Young Comeans

Denton, Texas

Deb "has already done more to protect citizens QOL and open government than all my fellow conservatives combined."

David Zoltner

Denton, Texas

"Score one for government transparency. The newest member of the Denton Public Utilities Board, Deb Armintor, is trying to make the oversight of the water, wastewater, drainage and electric departments a little more sexy by blogging about their doings. This week, she took the city to task for failing to post a document about how Denton, Greenville, Garland and Bryan will run their coal plant in the future. How was she sure it was public? Because the city of Greenville posted the document. "When it comes to transparency in public utilities, I say if it's good enough for Greenville, then it's good enough for us," Armintor wrote. (Ding, ding, ding!) "

Lucinda Breeding (Column: We're Denton Dammit, DRC, 9/28/17)

Denton, Texas

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